My Witchy Ex-Girlfriend

My Witchy Ex-Girlfriend

Thomas Reed is not impressed when his ex-girlfriend shows up at his doorstep. It's been three years since she unceremoniously broke up with him. What could she possibly want with him now?

He's done his best to move on, but within minutes of appearing, Corinne is already dragging him back into her world... The one filled with witches, magic and an intimidating prophecy. Thomas soon realizes that he might have a trick up his sleeve, too.

He teams up with Corinne and flies to the City of Love with her to kill Christoff, the evil warlock that murdered her beloved sister June, all the while vowing that he is going to stick with his current girlfriend, Mina. The line between friendship and love quickly begin blurring, though, much like the identical lines on their palms.

Will he continue to keep Corinne at arm's length, once Christoff is destroyed? Or will they act on the growing bond between them and end up reconciled?

My Witchy Fiancée

My Witchy Fiancée

Christoff was defeated a year ago, and yet Thomas Reed is facing an even more terrifying force: himself.

Ever since the incident where that woman had touched his forehead and revealed his true nature, he finally understood why he featured in Corinne's prophecy. Corinne doesn't seem to be half as worried about it as he is, despite noticing his moods changing.

The strange black unicorn he had encountered in the woods is now a permanent feature in his life and, to make matters worse, every week brought more fantastical creatures to his front door to pay their respects. One of them brings an invitation that he can’t decline.

Another world exists parallel to the one he currently inhabits. If rumour is to be believed, Thomas will rule both with Corinne by his side.

My Witchy Ex-Girlfriend

My Witchy Queen

Silas remembered when the Fae revealed their existence.

As a magical being himself, he hadn’t initially reacted in fear, the way humans had.  That was until, years later, he understood that the Fae were corrupt, evil souls intent on ruling the planet through terror.  Volunteering to accelerate his training, Silas became committed to saving humanity.

His self-imposed purpose comes to a screeching halt the minute he meets the Fae Queen, Morgana.  More beautiful than the rumours, more powerful than the legends…  And Lighter than her parents had hoped.

Morgana doesn’t know what to make of Silas, only that there is something more to him than meets the eye.  He has the build and temperament of a well-seasoned warrior, and yet his soul is an enigma, one she longs to resolve.  Little does she know that her continued interest in Silas will alter the balance of Dark and Light, perhaps even to the detriment of the race she is sworn to protect.