Hero—Book 2 of Raptors MC Series

Pre-release on Radish: December 2018

Release date: June 2019

The second installment in the Raptors MC Series:

When they’d dubbed him the “Hero” of the Raptors MC, Byron had found it ironic. His own life was falling apart, after all, and he was in dire need of saving. Haunted by memories of the past, he shows up at Cinnia’s door drunk, drugged up and pleading for it all to end.

The road to recovery is laden with hurdles but, once he decides what’s worth living for, he is determined to sail over each one.

He is highly trusted and respected, and Brennan soon promotes him to Road Captain. The Jackals, their old rivals, have crawled out of the woodwork and are dealing drugs in Raptors territory. When an unexpected tragedy thrusts even more responsibility on his shoulders, Byron's temptation to relapse becomes stronger than ever.

The Raptors are hungry for vengeance and primed for attack. It's up to Byron to live up to his reputation, before he loses everything he cares about.

Love Lockdown

Release date: September 2019

Asha and Konstantinos have two things in common, despite their obvious differences: they hail from influential families, and are both twenty-five years of age.

The Dewali and Sarantos families have one specific—albeit outdated—tradition that they are applying to the younger generation. They are determined to reinforce their current business merger by pairing Asha with Konstantinos in holy matrimony.

Tempers quickly flare when they are forced to spend a month together before their proposed wedding date; locked in the Dewalis' penthouse apartment in London with no chance of escape and no way to reach the outside world. Not only do neither of them have any desire to carry out their parents’ ludicrous demands, but Asha and Konstantinos are also made painfully aware of their own shortcomings by continually being exposed to their polar opposite.

The only vow they are prepared to keep once their captivity is over, is walking out of the apartment, breaking off the engagement and never setting foot in each other’s presence again.

Sometimes, though, family traditions exist for a reason. And when these two wills collide, they might look forward to being bound forever.