What inspired Original Cin?

Sons of Anarchy was such a tantalizing series that, after I’d binged on all the seasons, I was left with one question: what would’ve happened if the MC was relatively stable from the get-go?  At the time, I’d wondered other things, too…  What if the male lead wasn’t conventionally considered sexy, i.e. a ginger?  What am I to do with all these smutty scenes in my head?

And so, I morphed all those things together, and Original Cin was born!  It was only meant to be a 6-chapter short story, but the characters were so gripping that I couldn’t say goodbye.


I can’t get enough of the Raptors! Please tell me there will be more!

Yes, you are in luck!  The characters won’t vacate my brain, even after numerous eviction notices.  I have rough storylines ready for at least 4 more novels, with the focus on Byron next.  Watch this space!


How do you develop characters?

It’s difficult to explain without sounding like a total nutcase but, essentially, I hear voices in my head.  {Insert nervous laugh here}  When they make “contact”, I get a feel for them: their likes, dislikes, passion and desires.  I then put it all to paper, often creating characters that I can't necessarily relate to.  Strange how that happens, if you consider their origin.


How does your writing process work?

It differs from project to project.  Sometimes, I create a structure beforehand, complete with family trees and background stories that influence my characters in the present.  Most of the time, though, I start with the first chapter and, by the time I come to, it’s weeks later and I’ve penned down half a novel.


What genres do you enjoy dabbling in?

For me, romantic fiction is the easiest genre, although I prefer fantasy / sci-fi.  The latter takes more out of me, which is why I haven’t written many of them so far.


What is your favourite book?

Ooh, you can’t ask me that!  I have so many…  But if I’m pressed, I’ll say the Night Watch series.  I can give a series as my answer, right?


Who is your favourite author?

Sergei Lukyanenko, hands down!


Where can we find you?

I am on Facebook, Instagram, Wattpad and Radish.  Links are below.