Serving the Queen

Jonathan Snow has always been in love with Queen Annabelle but, as her personal bodyguard, had no right to act on his feelings.

His purpose is to protect her, to ensure her safety. He followed her like a shadow and kept an eye on her, even during private moments. He witnessed more than anyone, apart from the King, will ever have the honour to see. Some of those moments… He’s pleasured himself to her uninhibited side so many times, he’s lost count. He longed to serve her, in every meaning of the word.

Little does he know that the Queen desires the exact same thing.

Serving the Princess

Beatrix Snow, the Crown Princess of Sveamark, has never wanted for anything. Well, except control over her own destiny. That ship set sail long before she learned how to talk.

With doting parents, a country that adores her and countless celebrities and royals on her phone’s contact list, it is difficult to imagine why Bea was so sad. Apart from keeping her photo-sensitive epilepsy out of the press, her life wouldn’t be considered stressful. But finding a man that can deal with all the madness, especially one that would obey her commands… Yeah, she wasn’t holding her breath, either.

When she meets Aksel Halstein, the two-time Olympic gold medallist snowboarder, her hope that what she wants somehow exists is finally reignited, but can he be what she needs?