The Raptors MC Series

This series explores the lives, drives and desires of the most prominent members of the Raptors Motorcycle Club.

The journey starts with Cinnia Sloane's return to her hometown and her acceptance of her relationship with the Vice-President of the MC, Brennan Drummond, after years of fighting her role and her love for him.

It continues with Byron Johannson's version of events and struggle through addiction, as well as the realization that the one woman he has always loved is the one woman he can never have.

This trilogy concludes in the following generation with Logan Drummond, heir to the Prez patch of the Raptors MC, and the choice he is faced with: will he continue the cycle of violence and heartbreak set by his father's rule, or choose a new path?

The main trilogy's story arc revolves around those key characters: Cinnia, Byron and Logan.  However, there are many spin-off novels planned that will introduce some of the other members of the motorcycle club in more detail.  Watch this space!

Book 1—Original Cin

Now available on paperback, eBook, Kindle and Radish!

Cinnia has tried to forget about her upbringing, the Raptors Motorcycle Club and, most importantly, Brennan Drummond, for the last five years.  So, when her past comes knocking, she hopes it'll get bored and go away.

However Brennan, the love of her life, won't take no for an answer this time.  The infuriatingly sexy, pierced and tattooed Vice-President of the MC is the bearer of bad news and, thanks to intense chemistry, she gives in and goes home...  To a club that no longer wants her and a family that's reluctant to trust her.

She's never been one to back down from a challenge first, and she's determined to make Brennan proud by becoming a worthy old lady.  While she adjusts to her new role in the club, a stalker watches her every move, waiting for the most opportune moment to strike.

Just how much danger is Cinnia in?

Book 2—Hero

Pre-release on Radish: December 2018

Release date: August 2019

When the person he adores most was attacked and nearly killed, Byron numbed the pain with drugs, alcohol and reckless behaviour that brought his loyalty to the Raptors Motorcycle Club into question. He wound up at Brennan and Cinnia's front door, finally ready to mend fences and seek redemption.

But the road to recovery is not without obstacles and forces him to acknowledge a truth he's spent years suppressing. In order to remain an integral member of Brennan's club, the only place he's ever felt like he belongs, Byron once again decides to suppress that side of himself and reconcile with his high school sweetheart, Zoey.

The Jackals, a rival MC, crawl out of the woodwork five years later and start dealing drugs in Raptors territory, leading to an unexpected tragedy that thrusts more responsibility on Byron's shoulders. To save the club and the woman he cares about, Byron accepts a deal with a dangerous drug lord, even though it could lead to his life derailing all over again...